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Cheap pregnancy test strips.

Pregnancy Test Strips - A
Cheap Pregnancy Test Solution

The early pregnancy test strip is a cheap and affordable solution for pregnancy testing. These tests are an economical answer for couples who want to find out quick if they are pregnant.

With a high sensitivity of 20 mIU/mL (lower is better), our pregnancy test strips are for detecting pregnancy between 6 and 15 days after fertilization of the egg.

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Pregnancy Test Strip Highlights:

  • The most cheap and affordable pregnancy test - a great value!
  • Same test used by doctors and in clinics.
  • Lightweight for cheap shipping and easy storage.
  • 99% accurate results in 5 minutes or less.

Our pregnancy tests work by detecting hCG, a hormone released by the fertilized egg that increases in a woman's body after conceiving.

These cheap and affordable pregnancy tests are easy to use and very high quality- 99% accurate. Simply dip the tests in a urine sample and results will be returned within 5 minutes. Strip tests are also very lightweight and small, making them cheap to ship and easy to store.

Our tests are FDA 510k and Health Canada approved, and are used around the world by doctors and home users.

Pregnancy tests strips are a great value - cheap yet still easy to use and reliable. If you have any questions about them, please don't hesitate to contact our support specialists.

If you are trying to get pregnant you should also consider purchasing a fertility package containing both pregnancy test kits and ovulation kits. Theses packages can help you get pregnant by allowing you to detect the time when your chances are highest for getting pregnant, then allow you to test for pregnancy just a week later. Please check out our order catalog for our latest specials.

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